Supporting Organisations To Build Sustainable Businesses

Asesoria Group is a professional services company specialising in Governance, Sustainability and Leadership

We work with boards and senior executives from listed companies, large private organisations, the public sector and charities. Our specialist practice areas include:

  • Governance and Board Effectiveness;
  • Sustainability and Climate Change;
  • Stakeholder Engagement and Non-Financial Reporting;
  • Leadership Capability and Career Transition;
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring.

EMEA Leadership Assessment centre delivered against tight timescales

” We found the Asesoria Group consultants to be extremely professional, very knowledgeable and willing to work closely with us to a tight deadline. “
Global Real Estate Company

Giving stakeholders a voice and creating constructive challenge

” The Independent Stakeholder Panel process was a key initiative in the organisation’s journey and was managed sensitively, with appropriate challenge and inquiry to provide the rigour and assurance we required. “
High Street Bank

Managing indices submissions and increasing sustainability scores

” Their experience helped identify relevant reference material that already existed but which had not before been utilised in our submissions for the DJSI and BitC indices. This improved our performance significantly. “
Major British Business Services Group

Governance and Board Effectiveness

Our Governance and Board Effectiveness Practice, Board Insight, brings together experts in all aspects of governance to create a unique service to support boards of all types of organisation.  With experience in the listed, private and ‘third’ sector we are ideally placed to help you optimise your board’s performance.  Our team will give your board the tools to perform more effectively, safe in the knowledge that you are up to date with the latest governance best practice and key legal requirements.

Sustainability and Climate Change

Sustainability is no longer an ‘optional extra’ or a ‘nice to have’. Taking a strategic approach to sustainable business will be increasingly critical for organisations that intend to survive and prosper in the long term and as part of the future economy.  At the same time, companies face increasing public scrutiny and regulation, affecting the way they conduct business.  It is becoming increasingly a case of ‘change now’ or change will be forced upon you.  Asesoria’s Sustainability and Climate Change team is experienced in supporting a wide range of business types and sizes, from the initial stages of understanding their environmental impacts to developing and implementing sustainability and carbon reduction strategies, and communicating effectively with their stakeholders.

Stakeholder Engagement and Non-Financial Reporting

Companies and their boards recognise that effective engagement with key stakeholders is a key component of long-term sustainability and business success. Asesoria Group has over 20 years’ experience of undertaking major stakeholder engagement projects and managing independent stakeholder panels. We have undertaken extensive stakeholder engagement with employees, investors, NGO’s, suppliers, customers and shareholders, having developed multi-layered strategies (short and long term focus) including measurement, KPI’s and reporting for our clients.

Building Leadership Capability

Successful organisations embrace diversity where individuals have a range of talents and experiences that bring ideas and creativity to the business, enabling them to adapt to changing markets and customer demands.  Talent at all levels needs to be nurtured and developed to maximise the benefits and opportunities for the organisation.  We provide an integrated approach to leadership, talent development and succession planning  supporting businesses to develop diverse leadership teams at all levels – management teams, executives and boards – where constructive challenge and independent thinking is encouraged.

Career Transition and Outplacement

Asesoria offers practical and emotional support for individuals leaving an organization when their role has been made redundant. We also offer support in finding the next career move and developing a strategy based on individual goals.

We help with developing skills and confidence to support a job search and offer a uniquely flexible and tailored approach to Career Transition.


Executive Coaching

Our executive coaches work with boards and executive leadership teams, providing one-to-one coaching, whole board programmes and dual coaching to facilitate key relationships. Our coaches support executives to fulfil their personal potential without losing sight of the business context. They invest time in understanding the organisation’s vision, strategy and culture and use that to apply relevance and sensitivity to their work with individuals and executive teams.  We also work with individuals and teams one or two tiers below the board, including senior specialists and high potential future talent.