Leadership And Management Development

Our vision is to build sustainable organisations.  Effective management and leadership plays a significant role in building an organisation that survives and thrives, achieving your vision.

Our leadership and management development programmes are tailored to your organisation’s strategy, culture, vision and values with clear learning outcomes defined at the outset to ensure ‘value-add’.

We have a 4-step discovery framework to clarify your needs, identify potential barriers, agree focussed outcomes and define impact measures at the outset.

Our content library of over 70 different leadership and management components is used to create your programme to ensure maximum engagement and effectiveness, providing participants with the knowledge, skills, behaviours and mindsets required to become effective leaders and managers in your organisation.  

The programme components are available in both in-person and virtual formats and are supplemented by our eLearning platform (MyQuest). MyQuest is an online gamified action learning platform that enables participants to consume learning in bite-sized, micro-learning ‘missions’ at their own pace.  It enables social learning, as well as individual learning and each participant is supported by an online mentor to answer questions and provide feedback.  

In addition to our blended management and leadership programmes, we specialise in working with individuals and teams at all levels within organisations.

Our individual coaches and mentors work on a 1:1 basis in a variety of disciplines.  Our executive coaches support and challenge Executives and Senior Leaders to gain clarity on both personal and organisational situations to drive growth and engagement.  Our performance coaches work with employees to improve self-awareness and achieve their goals.  Our career mentors support individuals to take ownership of their future development and growth. Our teach coaches work with Executive Teams to develop vision, values, strategy and culture; with change teams to improve project outcomes and with operational teams to become high performing.

Our facilitators specialise in a range of inter-personal strategies, from personal resilience and mental health awareness to problem solving and decision making; from emotional intelligence to time management; influencing, resolving conflicts, and all aspects of inter-personal communication.

Our coaches, mentors and facilitators are not only experts in their subject area, they have also performed senior leadership and management roles across a range of sectors and organisation types. They know the theory and practice.

We have also partnered with a range of support organisations to provide innovative experiential learning opportunities to engage participants and support them to learn and grow.

For more information please email projects@asesoria-group.com