Organisational Development

We work with senior leaders in organisations to build a clear strategy via a series of 1:1 sessions and group workshops to facilitate the thinking required to challenge the status quo and define a blueprint for the future.  Our visualisation workshops support the development of a ‘picture of perfection’ leading to a clear vision for your organisation.  Clarity of vision is one thing, achieving a shared vision is not just different, it is critical.

We provide training interventions to support all forms of change initiatives.  Our leading change workshops develop leaders to drive and communicate change to inspire and engage all employees in the strategy and vision.  Our change management workshops equip managers with the skills required to implement change effectively and to manage others through change to implement the vision. Our change awareness workshops enable employees to appreciate the need for change, the impact on them and how to play their part on realising the vision. We have developed a bespoke model of change, using elements of storytelling to provide a common vocabulary for all and use.

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast” is a famous leadership quote. Whether you agree or not with the statement, we believe culture plays a significant role in the ability of an organisation to thrive.  There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ with organisational culture.  Our culture workshops help organisations describe their culture, identify ways to harness the benefits and consider ways to make changes.

“People do what you measure” is another popular quote in performance management.  Research shows that employees are more engaged and performance is higher if employees understand what is expected of them at work. We have supported organisations to describe the ‘what’ and the ‘how’ in a range of formats such as value statements through to full multi-level competency frameworks. 

These frameworks can be used to develop assessment and development activities to support restructure initiatives and talent management programmes.

You might think of your organisation as a ship.  For a variety of reasons it may be necessary to redesign the ship, to create a different type of ship altogether, or in some cases to abandon the ship and move to a different form of transport.  We can help support and challenge your thinking and decision-making; and help you build your new vehicle.

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