Non-Financial and ESG Reporting and Disclosure

Non-financial reporting refers to the disclosure of non-financial information related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics. Non-financial reporting can cover a wide range of topics such as environmental impact, social performance, supply chain management, corporate governance, human rights, community engagement, and ethical business practices. Non-financial reporting can be provided through various channels such as annual reports, sustainability reports, integrated reports, websites, and stakeholder dialogues. 

Non-Financial Reporting provide businesses with a platform to communicate with stakeholders on topics that can impact business performance.  It not only allows businesses to comply with legal requirements but provides a real opportunity to demonstrate what is important to the company and its stakeholders. 

It offers businesses the opportunity to maintain consumer and investor confidence through clear and transparent communication. A good non-financial report will demonstrate what you have achieved in the reporting year and improve engagement with internal and external stakeholders.

Asesoria has over 20 years’ experience in supporting companies with their non-financial reporting. Helping organisations to articulate what is important to them, in a clear and transparent way. It can enable you to demonstrate you are a sustainable and responsible business, and provide transparency, accountability and trust among its stakeholders.

Asesoria has supported organisations across a range of size and sector with their reporting from FTSE100 organisations to smaller private businesses. We tailor our approach to the organisation and can support with a number of services within your Non-Financial Reporting including:

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