Social Impact Evaluation and Reporting

We are beginning to see a recognition amongst clients of the importance of investing in social sustainability, without people you don’t have a business!  Social Sustainability includes managing issues that impact on people and communities. Increasingly we are seeing our clients embedding impact evaluation into their social initiatives and reporting on the outcomes. 

Evaluation of social initiatives is key. Businesses are being held accountable for the measurement of the social impact they create. Our approach is tailored to the organisation and includes the development of an individual value map with metrics and targets and a roadmap for improvements. Asesoria can provide support with developing an evaluation framework, from the provision of a template through to conducting a full evaluation assessment. 

Asesoria has extensive experience writing responsible business and sustainability reports for organisations. Often as part of this, or increasingly as an additional report, organisations are seeking support in writing their social impact report. These reports act as the entity’s formal communication on their social sustainability efforts and often focus on the impact created from the business’s community initiatives. Asesoria follow best practise guidance from the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and Social Value International’s principles to develop comprehensive best practise reporting. 

Our dedicated social sustainability and governance team works across industry sectors, including listed organisations, private companies, local authorities, government departments and associated agencies. Our specialist consultants have significant experience working directly with stakeholders, developing tailored evaluation methodologies, and reporting on social initiatives and value. Our team are familiar with, and use a range of recognised frameworks from the Office of National Statistics Measures of Wellbeing through to industry specific standards such as Association of Summer Olympic International Federations framework or the Principles of Community Wealth Building. 

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