Coaching, Mentoring and Facilitation

We provide a variety of coaching and mentoring services. Our coaches have the highest levels of professional accreditation and experience. We match them to each assignment with care, taking into account client requirements, cultural fit and the geography (where relevant). We carry out regular skill audits of coaches in our faculty to assure a diverse range of experience, skills, and styles: from business psychologists to transition specialists; CEO sounding boards to coaches skilled in helping smart people to accelerate through the talent pipeline. All coaches balance support and challenge to develop autonomy in the people they work with to ensure coaching is a short-term project with specific outcomes. When providing mentoring services, our mentors build long-term relationships to offer feedback and guidance when required to support decision-making.

Our coaching service begins with a professional contracting phase to outline boundaries, clarify confidentiality expectations and define clear objectives. Each coaching assignment is personalised to the individual’s needs, but each session is typically 60-90 minutes in duration, held every 4-6 weeks over a 6-9 month period. Sessions can take place in-person in client’s premises, an Asesoria office or at a ‘neutral’ location. Sessions can also be held virtually.

Our Executive Coaches work with boards and executive leadership teams, providing one-to-one coaching, whole board programmes and dual coaching to facilitate key relationships. Our coaches support executives to fulfil their personal potential without losing sight of the business context. They invest time in understanding the organisation’s vision, strategy and culture and use that to apply relevance and sensitivity to their work with individuals and executive teams.  

Our Performance Coaches work with individuals looking to improve a specific aspect of their individual performance in their role.  

Our Career Coaches support employees to take a longer-term perspective, to map-out a career development strategy.

Our Outplacement Coaches support employees with the transition between their current role and next career step. Expert coaches with deep recruitment, job market and pan-industry experience support individuals through the career transition journey. Individuals have access to a range of psychometric, assessment and job search tools to support them to navigate a complex and competitive job market.

Our Team Coaches work with teams at all levels in an organisation to clarify the team’s purpose, define strengths, assess stages of development and plan actions to achieve a high-performing team status.

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