Stakeholder Engagement

Most organisations recognise that effective engagement with stakeholders is not just a tick box exercise, it is the key to building trust, meaningful and long-term relationships, and sustainable business success. Our team can support your organisation with a range of stakeholder engagement projects including mapping, engagement strategies, stakeholder communication and consultation. 

Stakeholder Mapping is a key exercise for organisations particularly when launching a new initiative or project as well as after large organisational changes, such as a merger or acquisition. Mapping is important to be able to identify which stakeholders your organisation has the most impact on and which have the most impact on your organisation. It can also be a helpful exercise with developing an engagement strategy by identifying key stakeholder needs and expectations. 

Engagement strategies are important for creating meaningful impact. Asesoria can support with the development of a clear and comprehensive approach to stakeholder engagement.

Consulting with stakeholders is also important as part of an organisations feedback and reporting processes. It can aid in gathering insights as well as maintaining support from those stakeholders who have the most impact.

Asesoria supports organisations to collect stakeholder views through a range of interventions, through surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshops. The aim is to gain an insight into the views of internal stakeholders across the breadth of the organisation and its operations, and to understand external stakeholder group’s needs and expectations of the business. 

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