KPI Development and Data Analysis

KPI development and data analysis are vital aspects of sustainability reporting. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are quantifiable measures used to assess and evaluate an organisation’s progress towards its sustainability goals. The development of KPIs is an important part of sustainability reporting as they help organisations to focus on monitoring and reporting their environmental and social impact effectively.

KPI development involves identifying the most appropriate indicators and metrics that an organisation should track. The development of KPIs is often based on the key sustainability challenges facing the organisation and the issues that are most important to stakeholders. Effective KPI development can help drive change and direct an organisation’s resources towards the most impactful areas.

Data analysis is the process of examining and interpreting data in order to extract meaningful insights. In relation to sustainability reporting, data analysis is used for the measurement and evaluation of sustainability performance. Data is collected across the organisation’s operations and supply chain and analysed to provide a comprehensive and accurate picture of the organisation’s sustainability performance.

This data is used to measure an organisations progress against their KPIs, as well as providing baselines and focus for future KPIs. The two aspects can be used to effectively drive and track progress against sustainability ambitions.

We can support you in developing KPIs and helping you to track your progress against them through data analysis.