Assessment and Development

We offer a range of Assessment & Development services to aid organisations and individuals to better understand their ‘current position’, ‘future state’, the gap between the two and, where applicable, actions to close the gap.

Our vision and values workshops help organisations clarify the basic foundations for assessment and development.  Building on the organisation’s vision and values we can support organisations to build competency and/or behavioural frameworks to define what ‘good’ looks like. These frameworks are used by organisations to underpin their operational approach to performance and development processes, and policies. 

On occasion organisations require support to perform large assessment and/or development activities – for example when undergoing an internal restructure.  Asesoria has extensive experience of running large-scale assessment programmes for clients.  Our assessment centres are designed using a well-proven method to transform the required benchmark requirements into a range of assessment activities.  We provide experienced assessors and/or train senior employees within an organisation, to observe, record, classify and evaluate the performance of attendees in the assessment centre to support feedback and organisational decision-making.

The same approach can be used to design and implement a centre for the development of key personnel, such as junior high-potential employees, and those in, or with potential to perform, management and leadership roles. Development plans are created for all attendees to support their future development.  Our coaching services can complement this.

We are qualified in a broad portfolio of psychometric tools to help individuals gain a better understanding of themselves. Such as, their strengths, their potential derailers, preferred ways of approaching work and communication styles.  We also offer the ability for individuals to receive 360 degree feedback from colleagues using a variety of questionnaires.  We offer standard questionnaires to gain feedback in specific role-types such as individual contributor, manager, senior leader or executive.  We are also able to integrate questions based on an organisation’s values and/or competency framework.  The 360 degree feedback project is implemented completely on-line and can be managed by the client or by Asesoria.