Talent & Leadership Strategies

The Task At Hand...

In today’s volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous business environment, organisations face an increasingly tough task. Recent reports highlight a number of challenges for organisations and boards, including the need to ‘find ways to understand and influence the factors which affect culture and behaviour’ and the need to develop ‘a suitably experienced and diverse pipeline of talented individuals to deliver the organisation’s strategy’.

In order to address this extremely complex set of responsibilities, as well as respond to a wide range of stakeholders with competing requirements, organisations need to ensure sufficient leadership capability and capacity at all levels of their organisation.

Developing Leadership

Our leadership capability and succession planning practice supports organisations to do just that by partnering with the business to:
Develop a comprehensive leadership development and talent management strategy, including both core and accelerated talent development, which directs effort towards ensuring delivery against short, medium and long term business goals.

The Steps To Success

Creating Leadership Framework

Create a leadership framework and set of leadership development solutions that both reflect and contribute to the desired organisational culture.  Targeted at the key leadership populations and including activities such as board and senior executive Induction and Development, our subject matter experts will design relevant and focused programmes to address business needs.

Succession Planning

Develop Strategic Succession Planning processes, including talent reviews, which address contingency, medium and long term business needs.  These support key business activities and build a diverse pipeline of talent at all levels, especially succession pools for key roles, including future CEOs and Board Members. 

Leadership Assessment

Assess prospective Board Members as well as Executive and Senior Leaders.  We ensure a comprehensive and clear definition of role requirements and a robust assessment process leading to reduced error in decision making and identification of the best candidates with the right combination of knowledge, skill, experience and personal attributes.

We deliver integrated solutions that are anchored firmly in the business strategy and we facilitate the HR voice in the boardroom with relevant and clear reporting mechanisms that:

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