ESG Materiality and Stakeholder Engagement

With many organisations aiming to develop their ESG strategy, commitments and targets, input from stakeholders and an extensive materiality assessment can be used as effective tools to identify key areas of the business. 

Stakeholder Engagement

Most organisations recognise that effective engagement with stakeholders is a key component of long-term sustainability and business success. Our team can provide recommendations on developing a strategic engagement approach, the benefits, ongoing stakeholder management and reporting, including how to take account of stakeholder feedback in decision making.

Asesoria supports organisations to collect stakeholder views through a range of interventions. Through surveys, interviews, focus groups and workshops, to gain an insight into the views and needs of internal and external stakeholder groups across the breadth of the organisation and its operations. This helps us validate priorities relative to business risks and opportunities and facilitates your organisation’s alignment with changing economic, social and environmental landscapes.

Materiality Assessments

Asesoria Group undertakes materiality assessments to identify key areas having a direct or indirect impact on your organisation, and the concerns of stakeholders; typically, through its assessment of business areas in relation to their “Level of Business Impact” and their “Level of interest to Stakeholders”.

The results of our materiality assessments and engagement with stakeholders has enabled organisations to reorient their time, resources and investments to create value in line with their purpose.